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Open Multiple Links with One Click

Open Multiple Links with One Click

The tool for opening multiple links allows you to instantly open several URL addresses. Simply enter the links in the text field, each on a new line, and click 'Open'. This is a convenient tool for simultaneous access to multiple websites.

Paste the list of links:

When opening a large number of links (more than 50), the browser's performance may slow down.

Open Links

Please note, if you are using the service for the first time, the browser may block pop-ups, which need to be allowed.



Answers to Common Questions

What types of links can this tool open?

Our tool can open web links of all types: HTTP, HTTPS.

Can I use this tool on a mobile device?

Yes, our web link opening tool is supported by most mobile browsers.

How many links can I open simultaneously?

The number of links you can open depends on your browser's limitations, but you can open many simultaneously (recommended not more than 50).

Can I open links in new tabs?

Yes, our tool opens each link in a separate browser tab.

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